COD Elite Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the COD Elite Login:



How to access to the COD Elite Login page:


1. Open the COD Elite Login page link in your browser by simply clicking it here as it has been provided:

For standard login, follow these steps:

2. Enter your email address into the field for your email address.

3. Next, enter your password into the field next to the one for the email address.

4. Click login in order to proceed into your COD Elite account.


For Facebook login, follow these steps:

2. Click the Facebook logo on the page.

3. Follow the process for logging into your Facebook account.

4. Click the login button to proceed into your COD Elite Login account.






If you have issues accessing the COD Elite Login page, refer to this section for further instruction.

If you have forgotten your email address for the COD Elite Login page, use the following note:

NOTE: They currently have no method for recovering your email address on the website. As the process may change in the future, we will make sure to update you here via this page. You will need to use the contact details later in the article in order to have a resolution to this issue.  Once you are able to contact someone and recover your email address for the COD Elite Login page, refer back to our first step in the COD Elite Login process as mentioned above in this article.

If you have forgotten your password for the COD Elite Login page, check out these steps:

1. Click on the highlighted text that appears below the password field.

2. Enter your email address associated with your account into the field they provide.

3. Click the "submit" button. This will give you private instruction to recover your password.

4. After recovering your password needed for the COD Elite Login, go back to step one of the login process from this article.





Contact details regarding the COD Elite Login page.

Customer Support (by clicking the link and providing your console and game information)




Now you are most likely either ready to play COD Elite or are already playing. If there were any issues you are still working out, we encourage you to stick to the process because it’s the most accurate process available on the web. In fact, bookmark this page so that as things change with this process you will be able to see it here on this site.